Using TextEdit (MAC) for HTML

TextEdit is similar to Notepad in Windows, but it requires some initial setup before you are able to use it as an HTML editor.

Go to Applications and look for  Since you will be using the program regularly for the next while, drag the icon to the Dock.

By default, TextEdit saves files as .rtf, (Rich Text Format), but we need to save them in pure text format with an .html file extension.

To change the default go to Format --> Make Plain Text.

The next setting is under TextEdit on the menu bar.

Go to Preferences then select New Document and select the Plain Text button.

Under Open and Save use the settings shown on the left.

Make sure the Add ".txt" extension... box is unchecked.

Uncheck the if no extension... box.

With these settings you should be able to create web pages with TextEdit.  Remember to include .html as the extension to your file names.

T.Carson 2021