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This is a picture of a typical sound editing program.  Although it may not look exactly like the one on your computer, most sound editing programs have similar functions and controls. There is a display that shows a pictorial representation of the sound wave form, showing both channels, (track 1 and track 2) of a stereo sound file.

There will be a timeline, which shows the length of the song and the point in time that you are listening to. The controller allows you to play, stop, pause, etc. The mixer allows you to adjust the volume and tone (bass, treble) of each individual track.

This sound wave shows the entire length of a song that is 3 minutes and 40 seconds long. {sound wave}

You can expand the view of either the length or height of the sound wave by using the Zoom Amplitude and Zoom Frequency buttons. This makes it easier to distinguish more precisely, the exact part of the song that you want to deal with.

By clicking and dragging with the mouse you can select any part of the song.  For the sound quiz project try to select only a few seconds of each song. If you drag in a certain place and direction, you can select both tracks or channels simultaneously. 

Once you have selected, go to the Edit menu and select Copy.

Once you have copied part of the sound wave go to the File menu and open a new file.  Open the Edit menu and Paste your sound clip into the new file.

You can again use the Zoom buttons to get a better view of the sound clip.

The Effects menu has Fade In and Fade Out functions.  Select about one-half second of the sound clip to fade in, and about the same to fade out.

Your completed sound clip will look something like this. Give the new file a significant file name and save it to your project folder.

Do the same for each sound clip that you plan on using in your quiz project.

This will complete the sound editing portion of your project.



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