Creating a Glass Text Effect in PhotoShop

This tutorial shows you how to make a glass-look text. Create this text using your own name.


Getting Started:

Open a new PhotoShop project and choose 1200 pixels by 150 pixels and a resolution of 300 pixels/inch. You may have to modify the canvas size to accommodate your text.

Save the file into your PhotoShop project folder.


I used 32pt black Times New Roman.

Right-click on the text Layer to open the Blending Options.

  Select Drop Shadow and copy the settings from the left.
  • Blend Mode: Normal

  • Opacity: 75%

  • Angle: 120

  • Uncheck: Use Global Light

  • Distance 0 px

  • Spread 0%

  • Size 7 px

Click on the Color Swatch and change Black to 0022FF Blue.


Select Inner Glow and copy the settings from the left.

  • Blend Mode: Normal

  • Opacity: 100%

  • Technique: Softer

  • Source: Edge

  • Choke: 0%

  • Size: 2 px

  • Range: 50%

  • Jitter: 0%

Click the Color Swatch and choose 0D39AA (blue).


Select Bevel and Emboss and copy the settings from the left.

  • Style: Emboss

  • Technique: Smooth

  • Depth: 91%

  • Size: 5 px

Select the Gloss Contour style as shown to the left.

  • Highlight Mode: Normal

  • Opacity: 100%

  • Shadow Mode: Multiply

  • Opacity: 100%

Select Color Swatch and set to 10528A (blue).


Click on the Gloss Contour symbol and edit to look like this.


Lastly, pick Color Overlay and set the Color Swatch to 2090E0 and an Opacity of 100%.