Creating a Beveled Text Effect in PhotoShop

This tutorial shows you how to make beveled text.


Getting Started:

Open a new PhotoShop project and choose 1200 pixels by 150 pixels and a resolution of 300 pixels/inch. You may have to modify the canvas size to accommodate your text.


Save the file into your PhotoShop project folder.

cont'd below:


Use Times New Roman or other Serif style font.

Right-click on the text Layer to open the Blending Options.

  Select Drop Shadow and copy the settings from the left.
  • Blend Mode: Multiply

  • Opacity: 75%

  • Angle: 120

  • Distance 5 px

  • Spread 0%

  • Size 5 px


Select Bevel and Emboss and copy the settings from the left.

Change the Size from 5px to 20px or so until you get a nice effect.

  • Angle: 120

  • Check Use Global Light

  • Altitude 30

  • Highlight Mode: Screen

  • Opacity: 75%

  • Shadow Mode: Multiply

  • Opacity: 75%


Select Color Overlay and select 70%. Choose a colour slightly darker than the text colour/


The final style is Gradient Overlay. Choose the following settings:

  • Blend Mode: Normal

  • Opacity: 90%

  • Style: Linear

  • Angle: 90

  • Scale: 100%

Choose OK, then you're done!

Hand in to the Drop Box.