PhotoShop Animation - Flashing Neon Lights

This tutorial shows you how to use PhotoShop and ImageReady to create an animation. You can use the Neon Lights project, or create your own PhotoShop image for this assignment. You should have a good working knowledge of PhotoShop before you attempt this project.

ImageReady uses the Layers feature of Photoshop to produce a "slideshow" sequence animation.



Getting Started:

Open the PhotoShop project you plan to use for the animation.

I have three layers that I will be turning on and off to produce the animated effect of a flashing neon light.


If the Animation Window is not already displayed go to Window --> Show Animation.


I created a layer to represent the frame of the neon light when the light is in the OFF state. By clicking on the Eyeball in the Layers Palette I can turn off the visibility of the other layers.

The Frame Delay Time defaults to 0 seconds. By clicking on 0 sec. the Frame Delay Time fly-out appears.  I set this frame to .2 sec. It will take some experimentation to get the effect you want.

Click on the Duplicate Frame Button.

The next effect I want to achieve in the animation is the neon light starting to illuminate. The layer I have turned on is the one containing the two merged layers from the neon light project.

I set the Time Delay to .2 sec. as well.


Click on the Duplicate Frame Button.

The third image I want to appear in the animation is the orange glow around the letters.

I set the Time Delay to .5 sec.


Click on the Duplicate Frame Button.

The last image in the animation will be the same as the second one. This will represent the "cooling off" state of the neon light between the On and Off states.

I set the Time Delay to .2 sec.


The animation should be ready to save. Go to File --> Save Optimized as... and give it a logical name.

The Finished Product!