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Mail and Print Merging with Word and Excel

(Making Form Letters)

One way to use the Print or Mail Merge function is to choose the Mail Merge Wizard from the Help menu.  However, you can have better control over your document doing it this way:

Open your Word document. Enter all the information that will be repeated from letter to letter.  Leave a space for the address block and the salutation.

Go to Tools --> Letters and Mailing --> Show Mail Merge Tool Bar and check the box if it is not already checked.

Click on the Open Data Source icon (hover the mouse over the button - an information window should pop up to show you have the right one).

In the Select Data Source window, browse to find your data source Excel file. With your file selected click the Open button at the bottom of the Select Data Source window.

Click on the Insert Merge Field icon.  At the bottom of the Insert Merge Field window is a Match Fields button. 

Click this button to open the Match Fields window.  Here you can match your available field names to the appropriate information fields.

You can now begin to insert the fields.

With the cursor inserted in the appropriate place in your document select the Insert Merge Field icon.

Choose the fields from your list. Remember to move the cursor when a space between fields is required, and enter punctuation where required.

You should now be able to print your documents.