Creating a Ledger

Although we are starting out with a ledger, we will be modifying it to do some mathematical forecasting.  We will be using this spreadsheet to compare future earnings, expenses, and savings for various career choices. In effect, we will be plotting three ledgers side by side, each with a different job and salary, and each with different expenses.

Although money is not always the driving force behind a career choice, (nor should it be), this type of forecasting could help you with your budgeting or planning for you education or vacation etc..

Open your existing file (from the previous tutorial):

Fig. 1

For this assignment you will need a copy of your first spreadsheet project, which will look like the example to the left.

Open Appleworks, Excel, or whichever program you are using and find your file from the previous tutorial. Save the new copy as <your_initials>_ledger1.cwk. Remember to save your work regularly as you go along.

We will eventually be replacing the data (income and expenses, but leave it in for now.  It will help in seeing that the spreadsheet formulas are working.

Fig. 2

Using the Copy and Paste functions under the Edit menu, complete the Month and Year columns up to December 2011.

To make the spreadsheet easier to read I changed the Text Color of alternating years. To apply the Text Color to the entire rows of cells highlight the Row Headings before going to Format --> Text Color. 

Fig. 3

Several of the columns are going to be repeated. Although the data will be different, the formulas will be the same so we can copy and paste to save work.

Select Cells C1 to F4 by clicking  Cell C1 and dragging down and to the right to Cell F4. 

Select Copy from the Edit menu.

Select Cell H1 and Paste.

Select Cell M1 and Paste.

Fig. 4

From Row 4 use the Fill Down function in the Net and Balance columns only, in all three sections of the spreadsheet. Fill down to the very last row of the spreadsheet, (December 2011).

Last Step:

Fig. 5

Add a row of cells to the top, so you can give this spreadsheet a title.  Add some colour formatting to make it a little easier to read.

Remember to save regularly.