Help Files and Tutorials for Computer Users

Building a Car with Sketchup

After watching the introduction in Sketchup and you are beginning to become familiar with the tools, you can try this project. 

Don't forget to save your work regularly.

Rectangle tool


Use the rectangle tool to draw a rectangle approximately 16' by 6'. (Bigger if you want a Hummer ).

Push/Pull Tool

Pull the top of the rectangle up 5'.

Line Tool

Draw a line across the top of the block about 6' back from the left edge.  The line will turn green when it is parallel to the left edge.

Push/Pull Tool

Push down about half way to create the hood of your car.

Line Tool

Draw another line across the top about midway between the edges.  You will notice the blue dot when you are exactly midpoint.

Move/Copy Tool

Use the Move/Copy tool to push the edge down to create the hatchback of your car.  The line will turn bright blue when you are in the right place.

Push down about half way.

Orbit Tool

Spin your car around so that you can see the front  surface of the windshield.

Move/Copy Tool

Use the Move/Copy tool to select and pull out the bottom edge of the windshield.  The line will turn bright blue when selected.

Move/Copy Tool

Move the leading edge of the hood downward to give it a bit of a slope.

Arc Tool

Using the Arc tool snap three points in the order shown to create the wheel-well opening.

At step 3 watch for the Half Circle message to appear.

Push/Pull Tool

Push the wheel-wells in approximately 1'.  Repeat the procedure for the back wheel-well.  Temporarily move the cursor back to the front inner wheel-well surface to establish the depth. You will see the broken line appear when the two surfaces are aligned.

Rotate the car so that you can see the other side from a slightly upward view.

Draw temporary lines across the bottom so that you can make sure the wheel-wells line up with the other side of the car. Once you draw the arcs, erase the temporary lines.

Circle Tool

Use the circle tool to draw the tires and wheels.

Zoom in on each wheel-well to draw the tires.  Make each tire slightly smaller in diameter than the wheel-well.

You may want to draw temporary guidelines so that you can accurately centre the wheel and tire.

Push/Pull Tool


Pull the tire out to the desired width. Rotate the car, and repeat for the other side.

Line Tool

Draw windows and doors.

Push/Pull Tool

Push each window in very slightly to give them more definition. 

Paint Bucket

The rest is up to you. (Headlights, tail lights, grille, etc.).

Start painting!