Sketchup Car

This tutorial will demonstrate a different techniques in modeling a car. You will first trace the outline of a side-view orthographic view from a blueprint, then extrude the profile to give it width.

Go to to download a blueprint of your favorite car.


Start a new drawing. Draw a rectangle and use the Push/Pull tool to form a cube. This cube will only be needed to orientate the Rotate tool.



To import the blueprint image go to File --> Import.


By default the image will lay flat on the horizontal surface. You will need to rotate it before you are able to trace it.


Depending on where you started, you will probably need the Rotate tool to be on the Red axis.


Make sure that the blueprint image is rotated exactly perpendicular.


You will have to look up the length of the actual 'real' car on the Internet and scale the image. This model of Corvette is 15' 5" in real life. I drew a line that was exactly 15' 5" so that I had something to reference. Make sure that you use one of the outer corner handles to scale the image. This will maintain the proper height/width proportions.


Begin tracing the outline of the car. Keep in mind that you should stay in STANDARD FRONT VIEW and PARALLEL PROJECTION for tracing. The above image is shown in isometric perspective for demonstration purposes only.


You will probably use the Arc tool for most of the tracing. It helps to ZOOM IN when creating arc sections. Once an area is closed, it will automatically fill with the default gray/white color.

You can choose a color for your car, but change the opacity so that you can see through to the blueprint image.


With the Push/Pull tool extrude all of the surfaces of the car's profile one-half the width of the car.

Fill in the wheel wells so that you won't be able to see all the way through the underside of the car.


Switch to Camera Standard View and re-locate either the blueprint or the car to line up with the front view of the blueprint.  Adjust the width and details as best you can.

To duplicate  drag the selector tool (arrow) around the entire car. Hold down the Shift button while dragging with the Copy tool.  Make sure that you can see the axis alignment (dotted line) so that the two halves of the car remain lined up with each other.

Select the Scale tool. Type -1 and hit Enter.

Another way to Mirror a selection is to right-click and choose "Flip along" and then choose the axis.

Select either side and move into place.  Make sure that you can see the dotted axis line so that the two halves remain lined up with each other.

Coming Soon -  Making Tires & Wheels.