The rule of thumb is to include ALL the dimensions necessary to build the object, but ONLY the dimensions necessary. Do not clutter up or confuse the drawing with repeated or un-necessary dimensions


Assume that the person reading the drawing can add and subtract. The dimensions shown on the right side view are either repeated or unnecessary, and make extra work for you.


  • Dimension lines should be located at unifrom distances from the body lines of the drawing. When working with Imperial measurements, (feet and inches), locate the first dimension line .5 " from the outermost body line of the drawing.  For Metric drawings locate the first row of dimension lines 10mm from the outermost body line.
  • There should be a gap between the extension lines and the body line of the drawing.
  • Extension lines should project slightly beyond the dimension line.



The dimension should be placed in the view that most accurately depicts the detail.

To be continued...