Organizing Your Files

Organizing FIles & Folders in Mac OSX

Chances are, if you haven't already started to organize your files and folders, your documents folder is probably starting to look messy. The following suggestions will help you to organize your computer so it looks more organized, and files will be easier to find.

Creating Folders and Sub-Folders:  
Click on the Finder icon at the bottom edge of your screen.

Fig. 1


A Finder window should appear, with your name at the top.

Select Documents from the left.

Fig. 2


From the File Menu in the top menu bar, select New Folder.

A new folder will appear in the Documents window.  While it is still selected type a name that will help you to associate it with this class.


Fig. 3


I named the new folder Info Tech.

Fig. 4


While you are at it, create a few more folders to help with the organization.  If you use a computer regularly for your other classes, you might want to create a specific folder for each course.

I created a Homework folder and a Music folder.

Fig. 5


In the mess of files in my Documents folder I have several music files that are not part of any current project.  I can move them to the newly created Songs folder. 


To move all of these files at the same time I select each file while holding down the Shift key. With all of these files selected, I drag them until the mouse cursor is over top of the Songs folder, then let go. The files will be placed inside the folder. 

Fig. 6


Select the newly created Info Tech folder to open it. With the folder open, go to File, New Folder, on the top menu bar.

Create two new folders, (sub-folders), and call them Word Processing and Business Card Project.  If you have any other current projects, create a new folder for each of them as well.

Fig. 7

I have three folders inside of the Info Tech folder. This will help to keep all of the project files organized, and make them easier to find when editing.

Fig. 8


Click the Back arrow on the Info Tech folder to return to the Documents folder.

Hold down the Shift key and select all the files related to your Business Card project. 

With the files selected, hold down the Mouse button and drag them over top of the Info Tech folder. Wait for the folder to open.  When the folder opens, drag the files over top of the Business Card folder and release the mouse button.

Repeat the process for the rest of your Info Tech files.

Fig. 9


As a final step, select View from the top menu bar.  Select Arrange by Name.

Fig. 10


Finding Your Files:
When you want to open a file, you will be able to select the appropriate folder from the Documents folder. Your folders should now appear in the window when you select the Documents icon on the left.

Fig. 11