Cutting, Copying, & Pasting into a Microsoft Word Document


This tutorial will show you how to copy and paste images into your MS Word document, but the same procedures will apply to many other document types as well.

Keep in mind that although you may have the capabilities of procuring images from the Internet, many images are copyrighted, and should therefore not be used without the permission of the image owner.  There are several sites that offer free clip art and images, and some software packages, including Microsoft Word, include clipart images that your are entitled to use.


Using MSWord Clipart:

Word gives you  a choice of several sources of images or symbols in order to embellish your document. The simplest is probably the built-in Clip Art image collection. Go to Insert --> Picture --> Clip Art.

When you first open the Clip Art window, Microsoft Clip Organizer will ask you if you want it to search through you hard drive for clipart images, and will index them so that you are able to find and preview them more conveniently. This may take a while depending on how many images you have, and how big your hard drive is.

Once the Clip Organizer has indexed all the image files that it finds, you can select the category  or do a custom search for a specific topic, then drag the image to your document.

For more precise control over where you place the image insert a Text Box first, then drag the image into the text box.

The image and Text Box are resized independently.

To move the image select the Text Box frame. When the cursor changes shape click and drag to the desired position.

When you try to move the image into a block of text, the image covers the text. You have a few options. You can either place the text into a Text Box, or...

"Wrap" the text around the image. Right-click the Text Box frame and select Format Text Box...

Choose the style of text-wrapping.

You can still resize the text box or image. As you move the text box around, the text will automatically flow around the image to accommodate the new location.

A third option for dealing with text and images is to use tables. Go to Table --> Insert --> Table. You can customize the number of rows and columns to create a grid in which to arrange your text an, images, and captions.

Pasting from External Sources:


Copying a picture from the Internet:

Unless the webpage image is "right-click" protected, you can right-click on the image to either Copy it to the clip board, or choose Save Picture as and save it to a specific directory.

If you copied the image to the Clipboard go to Edit --> Paste to bring the image into your document.

If you saved the image to a folder, go to Insert --> Picture, but instead of choosing Clip Art, as before, choose From File... and locate the file from the folder that you saved it to.

You can apply the same Text Box, Text Wrapping, or Table techniques as with the Clip Art demonstration earlier in this tutorial.

T. Carson 2021